Goldy (Desi Crew) returns with Jetha Putt

Goldy Khalon, Satpal Malhi and Parmish Verma... Back again!

Desi Crew have become an established name within the Punjabi music industry when it comes to their musical production. Until recently, the duo (Goldy Khalon & Satpal Malhi) had only been noticed for their intricate productions on nearly every song coming out of India. Desi Crew then surprised the industry when their very own Goldy featured his vocals on a song with Dilpreet Dhillon entitled ‘Gulab’.

This then formed the foundation of a singing career for Goldy, and sparked the release of his debut single ‘Dasi Na Mere Baare’. The song was a change from the composition heard on ‘Gulab’, however I personally felt the composition reflected a style which is lacking in Punjabi songs of this decade. ‘Dasi Na Mere Baare’ was a slow song which reflects the story of a man who is explaining to his sweetheart the reasons she could keep their relationship quiet and literally to ‘not tell anyone about me’. This song proved a massive successive for Goldy as the video currently stands at over 13 million views on YouTube.

Since his debut, a fair few songs have been leaked of Goldy’s which all feature the vocals of Dilpreet Dhillon – quite a desired collaboration from their collective fans. The songs have included ‘Raah Jandi’ and most recently ‘Pagg’. While the artists have remained quiet about the leaks, it is obvious that every time a song is leaked the project becomes scrapped.

In the midst of the leaks, Goldy revealed that he would be releasing his second solo single which this time would be more of a generic Bhangra song and he released that the name of the song would Jetha Putt. Within no time, famous Indian director and producer Parmish Verma – responsible for the production of most videos being released on Speed Records – announced that he had been tasked with producing a concept and directing the singers new video.

A few months after the original reveal, Jetha Putt released and it was received in a way in which some Punjabi artists can only dream of. The song was supported by many artists internationally and become an instant hit both for Goldy and his counterpart Satpal as Desi Crew had done the music. The only thing left was the video and once the video had been released it was safe to say, Goldy had done it again!

Jetha Putt has all the ingredients of a hit Bhangra song, from complex music to a visually stunning video and a voice which compliments all nicely. The work which Desi Crew and Parmish Verma have put into this single demonstrate their love for releasing music and they have not stopped at anything to ensure that the song tops the charts, and remains at that position.

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