The best El Sueno remix?

Recently my cousin got married and they had this sick DJ performing. From there, I added this DJ on Facebook because I loved the way he mixed on the day. The way he was switching his genres of music was crazy and deserved a follow.

This guy then decided to bless my ears with something I can only describe as pure fire. DJ Amz (the DJ in question) dropped a mix called ‘El Shabba’. Having loved hearing him live, I thought this mix is going to be something special. DJ Amz has taken El Sueno by Diljit Dosanjh, some reggae beats and some old Punjabi songs to create a masterpiece.

The mix starts with El Sueno, then goes into a reggae beat and then takes us to the past with a wide selection of old-school Punjabi tracks. It’s a journey listening to the mix. This is what music needs to do, especially remixes – it needs to take you on a journey. We need to hear different sounds that we wouldn’t hear with that track and we need to hear a new, fresh way that the song could have been expressed. Music is an art-form and DJ Amz is a fine artist

All in all, this is DJ Amz’ first public mix and it’s incredible. I seriously cannot wait to hear some more from this guy.

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