Diljit Dosanjh has bought a private jet?!

Diljit Dosanjh – the name we all associate with the biggest and best star in the Punjabi music industry, the name which is written in the stars and is paving the way for Punjabi’s all over the world. Well, the great superstar has blown us all away again with his latest news; he’s bought a private jet… Except, he hasn’t.

The Indian media has gone into a frenzy screaming from the rooftops that this Pagg Wala Munda has achieved the un-achievable. Media outlets are boasting about the fact that this is the first Punjabi superstar to buy a private jet, but like I said before – he hasn’t. Sponsorship deals are not things which are unheard of when it comes Diljit, we just need to look back at when his face was plastered over every Coke bottle in India. The sponsorship deal with Coke also led to his collaboration with Gurdas Mann for the song “Ki Banu Duniya Da”… Yes, believe it or not they were both paid to make that song.

So, let me break this down for all my people out there right now. Mr. Dosanjh’s so called “private jet” has the registration number of VT-RAM. A quick search in the right places has shown me that this aircraft has actually been registered to a company called Saraya Aviation since October 2012 and is an active aircraft in their fleet of jets.

Further investigation has led me to a pricing table which shows me to rent the aircraft VT-RAM, it would cost me 600,000 INR per hour which converts to about £7,000 (that’s a hell of a lot). So based on the information I have found, I would conclude that our Sweetu Ji is either renting this jet to go where he needs to go in style (he’s not exactly short of cash) or he has reached a sponsorship deal with the company who owns the jet. In regards to the sponsorship deal, I am yet to see him post the name of the company or anything which identifies to them.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, I don’t think Diljit will have his own Jatt Airways in the skies anytime soon.

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