Super Singh – Diljit Dosanjh – sells out in Canada

Let’s logically think about this; the most current and most celebrated artist in the Punjabi music industry is Diljit Dosanjh, right? 2 UK tours, 2 Bollywood movies and countless Punjabi blockbusters is quite impressive for a “pind da munda”. Diljit has managed to capture the hearts of millions worldwide with his loving personality, charming good luck… Oh, and his singing.

Obviously being so popular has its perks which for Diljit include meeting Canadian politicians, starring in Coca-Cola adverts and even travelling in private jets. Well, the list of perks have got even bigger with a brand new impressive addition. As well as 2 sold out UK tours, Diljit can now boast about a sell out Canada tour. Personally, this new achievement makes me proud. Me personally being from a country where levels of Asian discrimination are at an all time high, Diljit has demonstrated that anyone can make it. Going from a small village to performing on a stage in front of 8,000 people was merely a dream for us all… Now made reality by the Punjabi heartthrob.

After seeing Diljit live twice in the UK, I can safely say that Canada are in for a treat. Keep it up Super Singh, you’re paving the way for Punjabi’s all over the world. Do us proud.

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