Dilpreet Dhillon to formally release the leaked song “Yaaran Da Group”

Dilpreet Dhillon is back with a BANG... Well, more like back with a leak

Dilpreet Dhillon, the man who made his name with his early release “Gunday No. 1”, is back with a BANG… Well, more like back with a leak. I’ve talked about this before and I’m going to mention it again; Dilpreet has bad luck when it comes to his songs getting leaked. He has had an impressive catalogue of songs, including the one in question, all get leaked in the past rendering them unusable.

More recently however, his record label (Speed Records) has decided to not worry about the leaks and release the songs formally themselves. So, around 2 months ago they released both “Thar De Baraat” and “Yaaran Da Group”. After a couple of weeks, for a reason unknown to me at the time, they decided to delete all their copies of “Yaaran Da Group” from the net – leaving only the leaked and “ripped” ones. After a month of upset that this song was no longer in my Spotify playlist, the fate of this deleted leaked song revealed itself… He’s only gone and done a video with Parmish Verma!

So now, a song which got leaked and then released and then deleted is getting released one more time with a brand new flashy video (let’s hope this time it can stay). I for one am excited to see the video because I genuinely loved the song however the general consensus from the audience of Bhangra lovers didn’t like it. I particularly enjoyed the change of pitch between verses and the chorus.

Anyway, let’s put my music critique aside. I’m excited for this video and you should be too! Let’s hope his he can have a few songs without them getting leaked before hand though, hey.

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