DJ Dal adds to Kudos’ mixtape reputation

The time is 01:39AM, currently got my headphones on, listening to a mixtape which goes by the name of “Turn Up Vol 1” by DJ Dal. In all honesty, I came across this mixtape because everyone on my Facebook News Feed was sharing the link to it. So, I logged onto the web-page and saw DJ Dal offered a physical version of the mixtape free of charge – as I like collecting Bhangra CD’s, Tapes and Vinyls I filled in the request form. 2 days later, I get a package and it’s the CD. Surprisingly it came in a custom CD sleeve with even the disc being wrapped in the mixtapes branding.

I opened the disc sleeve, put the CD into my laptop, connected my headphones and shut off from the world. The first track on the album was a remix of Diljit’s Mitran De Junction, with the heavy bass of Tinie’s Pass Out. In the space of 30 seconds, I was jamming to this album (something I can very rarely do (unless you’re Jazzy B (Okay, I’ll stop with the brackets now))).
In an attempt to stop this sounding like a brand deal (which is something that will never be done on this website (Damn, brackets again!)), I’ll summarise this whole mixtape with one GIF…<


Every song on this album has been perfectly mixed and the album is full of bass. This is seriously an album which is targeted for every audience, even non-Indian! It leads me to ask the question; what does Kudos give their DJ’s?

Every DJ from Kudos’ “camp” who has ever released a mixtape has ensured the mixes are nothing less than perfect. From AJD to DJ Manny, I’ve heard my fair share and they’ve all amazed me massively including DJ Dal’s Turn Up Vol 1.

Just hope their next one doesn’t leave me and my family like…



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