Exclusive Interview with Bhinda Jatt

Firstly, for those who don’t know… Introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey everyone! My name is Bhinda Jatt, another name I go by is California King because I reside in USA (California). I started my singing career with the help of my elder brother Kesar Kc in the early 90’s with many hits like Lare Lare, Teri Nachdi Thi Video and Kuri Giddeh Vich Aye.

Where has the name Bhinda Jatt come from?

Well Bhinda is the nickname, which was given to me by my family and friends. When I was a teenager growing up in California, my uncle always used to say that I have typical Jatt behavior as a joke and for fun he would call me Jatta. As I started with my singing career, my uncle’s name for me (Jatta) inspired me to put both my names together which became Bhinda Jatt.

Where did your musical journey begin?

Originally this journey of mine started in California and it slowly took off to the UK where I met Sukshinder Shinda. Then slowly I took my first trip to India where I gained a fair bit of fame. This eventually led to me traveling all around the globe.

What was it like trying to get known in the Bhangra scene in the US?

It was actually a really big surprise to me because I never considered making a career out of singing. I would practice at home as a hobby. Then I met Inderjit Bains who is a producer from Canada and he was a good friend of my elder brother. Inderjit heard me singing and told Kesar that I want your younger brother to record a song for me and surprisingly with God’s grace I became very well known.

When did you first start getting noticed within the UK Bhangra scene?

In the UK I started to get noticed around 1993 or 1994, you could say with my first song “Kuri Giddeh Vich Aye” with the music being done by Sukhshinder Shinda. This was one of my most popular songs and stayed in the charts for more than 3 months.


What challenges have you managed to overcome while on your musical journey?

I actually didn’t come across any major challenges to tell you the honest truth, one thing just led to another. Back when I first started I came out with a different image as in with the braided hair and just experimenting with different looks which all went together really well. My listeners really enjoyed and supported me all throughout my journey.

Are there any major differences between the UK Bhangra scene and the US one?

The Bhangra scene wasn’t as known in the US compared to the UK and this was due to the fact that back then the Punjabi community was very small in the town that I had lived in. We all know that a lot of Punjabi’s have resided in the UK for a very long time including members of my own family. The Punjabi culture was celebrated a lot in the UK compared to what I was used to back home in California.

Who has been your role model while you have been on your musical journey?

Surinder Shinda has got to be one of my biggest role models. I actually grew up listening to Surinder Shinda and used to sing songs like Bhari Kol Ke and Puth Jatta Dey so he definitely has been one of my biggest inspirations.

What has it been like working with the talented DJ Vix?

I highly enjoy working with a talented individual like DJ Vix, he is very dedicated to what he does and he is very down to earth. I really love the fact that his music is very hyper which fits really well with my vocals. I will continue to work with him in the future.

Did you expect the reception you received from Glassy Nachdi?

First of all, it was truly a dream come true to collaborate with Surinder Shinda Ji. It felt great seeing that so many people enjoyed the collaboration, and it feels even better when your fans show so much love and support towards your musical projects.

Are there any artists that you would really like to work with? If so, who are they?

I would actually really like to work with Tru Skool, Dr Zeus and once again like the old times I would love to work with Sukshinder Shinda on future projects.

Tell us more about your new single?

My new single, titled “Kala Chadra” is a very Folk feeling and a hyper song for the youngsters out there.


What was it like for you releasing this single?

Releasing this single has been quite the expedition for me because there were changes being made constantly and new ideas were just popping up from everywhere throughout the journey. Most importantly it was very overwhelming for me because I wasn’t really sure about how the response was going to be afterwards.

What advice can you give to aspiring Punjabi singers?

My advice for aspiring singers would be to definitely do your research before because as we all know the music industry is very tough and challenging in these modern times. Certainly do your research very well as to what is popular, what kind of music people prefer and really pay attention to lyrics and the beat of the song etc.

What can we expect from Bhinda Jatt in the future?

There are definitely a lot more exciting musical projects on the way and there are a lot of idea’s popping in from everywhere so hopefully something bigger and better for all the fans out there.

Can we expect any live performances by Bhinda Jatt in the UK any time soon?

Yes, I will be making an appearance in UK sometime soon to do live shows and meet my UK fans.

Finally, is there any thing you want to say to the readers of The Bhangra Zone?

I just want to say keep Folk music alive, keep being inspired and just be ambitious about what you do. I will be bringing you a lot more hit singles and a lot more exciting projects for the future but for now God Bless UK Valiyo!!

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