Exclusive Interview with Luv Randhawa

Firstly let me start by saying thank you agreeing to do this interview with us. You are a true pioneer in the Bhangra industry and we would love to get to know you. I hope you don’t mind answering a few questions:

Firstly, introduce yourself?

My name is Luv Randhawa, I’m a Bhangra singer who represents Punjabi’s and South Asians from Vancouver, Canada. I was born in the UK, and honestly cant wait to come home once again!

For those who may have not heard of you, what is your biggest release to date?

Well, that is a great question I have many big releases, but I must say “Dhol Te” Ft Raju Johal, Inder Kooner and Gagan Sharma which was produced by Nick Chowlia.

Where did your journey into the Bhangra industry begin?

My journey started originally back in 1999 as a Dholi and I sang boliyan but I really started to take music seriously when I was in North Americas first Bhangra Band ‘ Signia’. I haven’t really looked back since! I’ve spent many many years in this industry and I’m loving every moment of it, and hopefully with the  blessings of the power above there will be many more to come!

What inspired you to start singing?

I always had a passion to entertain, from acting, to dancing to playing a musical instrument then finally to singing. I just love to see the smiles on peoples faces when they see me performing! Legends like Gurdas Mann, Heera, Alaap, Apna Sangeet to the actors such as the Big B, Dhamendra to Dholis like Gurcharan Mall and Johnny Kalsi all have inspired me to do what I’ve been doing.

As a child were you exposed to Bhangra music or was it something you ventured into yourself?

My parents always had Indian Music playing from the Bollywood film stuff to Punjabi Bhangra. I really started taking a liking to it when my Father taught me how to do Bhangra. I always loved the beats so it was easy,  I guess they say its in the blood and they are right!

Upon the release of “This side of Luv”, three singles from the album went to number 1. Did you expect this type of reception?

Honestly No! I was shocked! The love my North American Fans gave has been absolutely surreal! I do a lot of festivals and events in North America so the audience over here knows me very well. They say your fans make you, and I have the worlds greatest fans (my extended family) and supporters!

Can you tell us a bit about the new single you have coming up?

This Single #KSK #KichaaySelfieKudi is a fun party dancefloor track. I came up with a idea thinking about when your at a party and your dancing and you see a loved one you want to cherish a memory, what the best way to do that? Take a Selfie! Memories stay in your head but a picture takes you back to that special moment! It could be for social media or for your personal viewing, a Selfie lasts a lifetime!

What was it like working with Harj Nagra?

It was a brilliant experience, this man makes hits, thinks outside the box and produces some sick beats! He is not scared to try something new! He is so humble and respectful, I had a awesome experience working with the chart topper producer. Harj, honestly is going to be making even more noise very soon, just wait! This man is SICK!!!

How likely are you to work with Harj again?

Definitely, we will be working on another few tracks for my next album ‘ The Other Side of Luv “, just keep it locked to all my social media handles to watch what coming up next. Harj will be producing a few more 100%., if he is free that is! This man is in demand!

If we were to go on a road trip with you, name some of the songs we could expect to hear you listening to?

Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – Akiyaan Udeek Diyan, Chaala – Gurdas Mann, Gur Nalo Ishq Mitaah –  Malkit Singh, Any Jazzy B, Manak Sahib, Ed Sheran, Sam Smith songs, and lately a lot of Heavy Fast beat stuff, I really do like all genres of music.

Who are your role models in the industry?

I have to say Malkit Singh, I have have performed with him on many stages and sang together with him, he’s given me great guidance and advice. Gurdas Mann such a humble, respectful Legend!

There are many people who are trying to get into the industry, through either music production, singing or DJ’ing but aren’t getting noticed. What advice would you give to these people?

Honestly, first of all respect and support all artists, learn from them, ask the right questions and research it before you jump in like I did. It cost me a lot of money and many tears.  Biggest thing is if your going to join this beautiful industry, don’t think of Stardom, think that your doing it for your passion! Not for fame because that’s why you only have a one hit wonder, popular today and gone tomorrow. Do it for you, be original

Finally, what can we expect from Luv Randhawa in the future?

There are many things coming up, a Bollywood Project, A Pakistani project with a brilliant producer which is for my album, but honestly this industry changes so much, you just never know what may land at your door step. I just want to keep my fans and potential new fans happy and dancing! To be honest with you, as long as I am entertaining people I will keep making music! There’s many sides of Luv, lets see what God shows me next. I thank the powers above for all that I have been given and I have seen! Thank you<

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