Jet Black – Rajveer

Rajveer is a name which over the last year has become more and more common. The first time I heard of Rajveer was when he released his Ki Kenda Dil with Time Productions, I loved the use of the violin in both the song and video. After that song it seemed fairly quiet for a while until one day I saw a tweet.

I was on Twitter, this was the night before I was meant to fly out to the USA. I came across a retweet by an artist and it was promoting Rajveer’s new song. I went on iTunes and downloaded the single instantly. As I was putting my headphones on, I had no idea what to expect.

I pressed play and there it was, one of the best songs I had ever heard. The vocals of Rajveer had tremendous power behind them and the music was perfect. The music was produced by Jatinder Shah, I guess perfection was expected. Throughout my whole trip to America I would listen to this song, I was hooked.

The name of this song is Jet Black and it is by far one of the best song’s I have ever heard. Every song Rajveer has released after Jet Black I have followed. I still listen to this song when I can, however I have been listening to more mixtapes these days than singles.

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